Research Statement

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Academic Institutions, private schools, or the public share the same importance of delivering knowledge to students, as required schools need to hold student information, like social security numbers, legal names, real physical address, etc. Due to this data collection, the academic institution becomes a good target for hackers to access this information, which can be used in criminal activity such as Identify theft. Academic Intuitions employees need to understand the risk of being employed by an academic institution; they can become the next target in line.

Per John Hitt, the president of the University of Central Florida, about the security breach that accrued the begging of January 2016 to the system of the university where the breach affected per Hitt 63,000 student where the hacker has accessed the social security numbers, but not credit card information, and other information (Hitt, 2016).

Academic Institutions need to comply with federal acts like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which require that student information need to be confidential, ensuring systems and data security one of the essential of FERPA.

Information confidentiality is one of the tents of information systems security, indicating who had access to the information, like employees and staff. Anyone who does not have the authorization to access the information will consider a violation of the information system security tenets a violation of the FERPA. Per David Kim and Michael Solomon (2014), Cyberspace adds new threats to individuals and organizations (Kim & Solomon, 2014, p. 460); information systems face threats from both sources human-made and natural threats (Kim & Solomon, 2014). The importance of understanding threats so huge for the organization to prepare for a plan that is held to respond to these threats or to overcome them and secure the system. My research addressing the topic of information confidentiality and cybersecurity in the academic intuitions, the study targeting the training that the employee gets when being hired in the current position, as well as the training they get around the year, the notification about attacks attempts, and warning from the IT security administrator about potential attempts or attack. The type of information that the user conduct in terms of the information sensitivities.


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